Our Projects

New Home Builds

Simply put, our custom homes are known for reliable construction with superior craftsmanship. To ensure the highest standards, we perform or supervise all aspects of the new home build, from site work and infrastructure through completion. Our honesty, quality and commitment will ensure your peace of mind throughout the building process. Read more


Green Builds

In today's market there is an exciting array of green construction techniques and materials to consider. As experienced green builders, Scott Denton Homes can help you identify and capitalize on the best of them. We help clients formulate plans that are environmentally sound, affordable, and likely to provide a good return on investment. Our recent projects have incorporated the following green techniques and materials: active and passive solar heating, insulated concrete forms, energy efficient insulation materials, and aerated concrete blocks. Read more



Maybe you don’t need, or can’t afford, a brand new custom home. Yet your tastes have evolved, your family has changed, or you’ve acquired new passions. An expert renovation can both reflect and enhance your personal growth. If you’re ready to renovate, Scott Denton Homes can show you designs that are sure to delight you for years to come. Whether you want more space, an upgraded kitchen, an updated bathroom, or all of the above, we can help you transform your old residence into an inspired new dwelling. Read more


In The Works

Whether we’re doing a renovation or a new home build, we at Scott Denton Homes are proud of our work and would love to show you our current project. Read more


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