Kimball Canyon Road

A Full-Scale Luxury Eco Residence, Completely Green


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Date of completion: 2007

When our clients asked us about building a home using green construction methods and materials, we helped them hone and realize their vision. Perched north of Kimball Junction on a 10-acre estate with sweeping views of the Wasatch Mountains, this 5,000-square-foot abode uses active solar for water and heating, a high-efficiency bio-fuel fireplace as a secondary heat source, and water from an extensive rainwater collection and storage system as their primary water source. The home’s main building material, FlexCrete, is a fiber-reinforced, aerated concrete consisting mostly of fly ash, a waste product of coal-burning power plants (Scott Denton Homes was the first company in Utah to build with FlexCrete.)

The holistic approach extends from the materials themselves into the spaces they define. The home’s circular central living space, for example, honors the Shamanistic belief that circles facilitate wisdom, sharing and a spiritual connection to other worlds.