Red Pine Court

Renovation Turned To New Custom Build


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Date of completion: 2011

When a family from Massachusetts purchased a 25-year-old Park Meadows home in 2010, they planned on doing an interior remodel and adjusting the roofline, to shore up the structure and enhance its visual appeal. The renovation sounded simple at first, but when the sheetrock came off and the insulation was removed, the new owners discovered that the home’s studs were 24″ apart instead of the usual 16″. This meant any adjustments to the roofline would require complex, costly engineering. And that wasn’t the only challenge. The foundation extended over the side-lot setback and contained no steel. With renovation all but impossible; the owners instead opted to demolish the structure and do a new home build using Scott Denton Homes. After consulting with our team, they decided to retain the same floor plan as before, only with the footprint moved a foot away from the setbacks. By now the clients’ budget was a major concern. We designed and built a new home that felt welcoming, looked fantastic, and reflected the clients’ sense of style—while keeping costs in check.